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Q. Was Christ ONLY the SWEET INFANT JESUS, “meek and mild” who “turned the other cheek” and “walked that extra mile?”


Q. YET…didn’t that ever So SWEET BABY one day GROW UP and then (following personal instruction from His abiding RELATIONSHIP with His Creator FATHER in the Garden of Gethsemane), did Christ not RISE UP, STAND UP and UP FRONT GODLY (tough Love) UP FRONT CONFRONT the Mammon Chasing Leader, overseer PHARISEES in His Own Father’s Local Temple?**



**NOTE: Yet CHRIST never demeaned, ridiculed, DISRESPECTED any of the temple elders. He never used CONTROL, WEAPONS, VIOLENCE, HATE SPEECH or ministry ACCUSATION.
Rather, Christ rose up as a PROPHETIC ACT..for the astute brethren had grown DULL IN PERCEPTION and ACCURATE LEADER DISCERNMENT. ” Taveau Creative Leadership Ministry Theory


NOTE: The apostolic sincere non novice writer, has through the vast prior years, learned that she too must heed every single leader word from the Lord as well....



“Big hearted Charlie, often freezes and fumbles the ball”

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MANY of us recognize Charle’s Shultz’s CHARLIE BROWN cartoon character. Notoriously, Charlie Brown is simple, plain and very well intentioned. While his over all physical characteristics are extremely unassuming, a bit overweight and out of physical shape, our Charlie’s mind and motives all appear to be very pure and extremely well intentioned..

The over all immediate mental picture of faithful, persistent, Good Friend Charlie, is (meaning to this writer)


2) something appears to be lacking

3) super slow, lacking luster

4) deeply unsure of himself

5) well intentioned

6) Good Hearted, Always Willing

7) Sweet, even a bit TOO Running from Up Front Confrontation Sweet

8) A big joke to his more assertive peers

9) A crowd follower, human, peer pleaser

10) Lacking assertiveness, major confidence

11) Overly anxious, far too tame and kind of milk toast

12) Emotionally weak, easily swayed by fear of other humans, his peers

While Charlie definitely has a pure heart and sweet personality, his deep indecisiveness, fear of poor Charlie all to often is dimly regarded. While he often speaks pearls of True Wisdom, they tend to fall on deaf ears as Charlie simply has a timid, wimpish, super soft appearance.


Far from being an Alpha Human, Charlie Brown’s persona is by this writer as lacking in leadership qualities. He often dulls way down to fit in, and is often perceived as emotionally weak and too easily swayed by peers. And by at least some, a victim.


While Charlie has many admirable, high qualities, he often flubs up due to over analysis, anxious self consciousness and lack of leadership, marked passion for any real cause and perhaps, a basic lack of any true display of moral authority.*


*Charlie Brown displays all attributes of being a loving person who is very moral..however he rarely takes a big Top Leader Risk, perhaps due to other people pleasing, anxious insecurity and /or personal fear.

Super cautious, sincere and surely serious, dear little Charlie tries to fit in with all of his peers, but never quite succeeds. He never attains favor with his own IN CROWD. Instead he is confused. While wise Charlie often speaks pearls of wisdom, it is because of his own personal demeanor, which is majorly well intended,


Although majorly well intended and while he appears to be fairly intelligent, big time intuitive, it appears that Sincere Charlie is very easily intimidated.


And because the well intentioned, Good Guy Charlie, is supremely timid, often very hesitant, insecure, lacks personal (real) POWER and leader true AUTHORITY…his utter lack of assured BOLD CONFIDENCE makes him appears mediocre, lagging far behind, wussy, and/or even mission confused.

NOW WE COMPARE the assessment of Charlie Brown to the ISAIAH 11:2-3 “SEVEN FLAMING, ETERNAL SPIRITS OF THE HOLY CREATOR GOD” as prophesied would abide deeply within the ongoing NATURE of the coming MESSIAH Jesus Christ: (NOTE: This writer assesses that the 7 SPIRITS OF THE MIGHTY GOD are the same ones imparted to the FIRST CHURCH in ACTS

ASIDE: ISAIAH 11:2-3 MAY help the non tongue talkers comprehend ALL OUR ONGOING NEED for far more of God’s Holy Spirit supernatural POWER and potential supernatural wonderworking apostolic ministry, personal MIGHT!

ISAIAH 11: 2

“The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him—
the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding,
the Spirit of counsel and of might,
the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord—”

(C)2017 Taveau D’Arcy Creative Leadership All copyrights reserved


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